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Bridgette’s Story

  • One woman’s Her mission to inspire and empower others to transform their health, wellness and perspective through nutrition education.
  • In this video with Bridgette Becker, we learn about her personal journey, how she gained awareness of the positive differences healthy lifestyle principles have made for her and her family’s lives, and how this drives her passion to assist others in reaching their health goals.

About Bridgette

  • Therapeutic certified nutrition consultant, naturopath, and holistic health practitioner with over 20 years of experience
  • Specializes in therapeutic issues, detoxification, anxiety and depression, and digestive issues
  • Works alongside pioneers in the fields of nutrition, detoxification and health recovery
  • Dedicates life’s work and practice to support people on their path toward balance and renewed mind-body-spirit health
  • Triggers community impact internationally through nutrition education with challenged school districts

Want to learn more?  Join Bridgette for a free 3-part video series

During the video series, you’ll learn about Inflammation:

  • Causes of Inflammation
  • Symptoms of systemic inflammation
  • Tools, strategies and lifestyle practices to reduce inflammation


“Bridgette is an authority on nutrition, health and wellness. She is dedicated to her clients optimum level of wellness and will stop at nothing less.Bridgette customizes a plan specific to each client. She provides dramatic improvements in well-being. Anyone who has a consultation with her is extremely fortunate. your health will never be the same."


“Bridgette is a powerful and passionate force in the wellness community. She shares her knowledge in a way that is comprehensive, nonjudgmental and individually adaptable. My own path in life has been positively changed by her and her expertise."


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